Sustainable Solutions - SUSSOL - a Comenius Project

Sussol is a EU-Comenius project and means "sustainable Solutions". In Switzerland Schule Küttigen and the boarding school Schulheim Schloss Kasteln take part. There are different partner schools from all over Europe willing to work together and to develop ideas to improve environmental awareness.
Stevenson College in Edinburgh organized the preparatory meeting in January. The main website of the project provides more information:

This website is created by Mrs Marianne Herzog, teacher at Schulheim Schloss Kasteln. It provides information about the Comenius Project and the Class Exchange Project and is a platform to inform about all activities.

Preparatory meeting, January 20th - 24th 2010 in Edinburgh

Start up - Meeting, October 20th - 24th 2010 in Eindhoven NL

At the October Meeting in Eindhoven NL the seven partners introduced their schools and presented the activities they have planned for their class or are already in progress within their classroom. Then we continued the planning process. We agreed on the attendance of students at the next meeting in Ceuta in April 2011.

We decided on methods for the ongoing evaluation of Project Activities, identified methods of dissemination and developped procedures and opportunities for transnational communications.

Meeting with students, April 9th - 14th 2011 in Ceuta, Spain

At this meeting 30 students from all the partner school all over Europe presented their projects about sustainability which were very interesting.

Meeting, October 19th - 23rd 2011 in Rome, Italy

At this meeting every partner presented the interim result of 15 months of Sussol. An other topic was the preparation of our next meeting in Przemysl in April 2012. At this meeting there are students coming too.

Final Meeting with students, April 9th - 16th 2012 in Przemysl, Poland

In April 2012 we arrived for the final meeting in Przemysl with a delegation of 10 members from Switzerland. Our presentations were appreciated and we spent a marvellous time with our European freinds and partners in a beautiful part of Poland.